A new scent app promises personalized and networked olfactory experiences

Digital technology has saturated our eyes and ears with networked music, visuals and sound that we never thought possible. Harvard Professor David Edwards thinks we’re missing something: Scent. PSFK has covered his work before, much of which is related to the olfactory senses, but his newest device, Cyrano, is unique in its open-ended approach to scent as a medium. It is likely to draw upon years of previous experiments and research to become a real consumer product.

Cyrano, the product of a collaboration with one of his students, Rachel Field, is the central product that would allow many of Edwards’ experiments, such as the oSnap app and his oNotes implants, to be enjoyed by a wide audience. Since introducing the oSnap app as a kind of prosumer platform for scent in 2014, Edwards realized that users’ perceptions of scent would need to be sharpened before they could fully appreciate what it is to communicate using one of the more overlooked of the human senses.

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