You can now carry a complete Moog synthesizer with you wherever you go

Synthesizer manufacturer Moog created the Model 15 app, a spot-on digital replica of the Moog Modular Model 15 synthesizer, that maintains the classic synth’s aesthetic and sound, and includes all the knobs and switches present in the original one.

The iOS app is available now for $30—compared to the real Model 15 retails for $10,000—and features over 160 unique presets and rows of switches and buttons along with filters, oscillators, ping-pong delay module, real-time looping recording, tutorials patches for all levels and immediate sharing, all designed to give users the ability to create their own beats. The app was designed using Apple’s graphics optimization framework Metal and runs on iPhone 5s or newer, as well as the iPad Air or newer. A playlist with tracks made exclusively with the app is available on SoundCloud.

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