Make Your Own Miniature Creations With This Desktop Vacuum Former

Make Your Own Miniature Creations With This Desktop Vacuum Former
Design & Architecture

A cheap and effective way to bring manufacturing to the tabletop for all makers

Simone Spilka, PSFK Labs
  • 12 may 2016

For DIY enthusiasts or design-oriented individuals, the Formbox is a desktop vacuum former funded on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter that brings a factory to the tabletop.

The Formbox is a small-scale manufacturing machine powered by a vacuum cleaner that allows anyone to produce 3D-printed miniature creations. Using a technique called vacuum forming, the machine draws suction from any vacuum cleaner to mold various shapes. To use it is simple enough: grab any type of material and drop it into the Formbox, select a 3D template to mold and use heat from the vacuum cleaner to create a design. It can be shaped using all types of materials from plaster to chocolate, and made into tiny products including planter boxes, vases, soap dishes and tiny wall clocks.

13 Moulding a speaker_large.jpg

In conjunction with the delivery of Formbox, the Founders will launch Mayku Library, a website dedicated to finding inspiration for designs to make categorized by project type. At a time when anyone can go online to learn DIY tips and tools, Formbox is an interesting example of a product continuing to democratize the maker’s movement, enabling anyone to dream up an idea and create a simple prototype.

Desktop Vacuum Former
Formbox | Mayku

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