A butcher is testing out sustainable cuts of meats in an automated vending machine

Customers of fourth-generation butcher Joshua Applestone‘s grassfed meats can shop for quality cuts 24/7 from a coin-operated, automated vending machine in Accord, New York. Just like how ATMs changed the banking industry forever, Applestone believes that the Meat-O-Mats may be able to change how people shop for sustainable, locally-raised meats.

The automated meat vending machines are inspired by vintage Manhattan automats, as well as a desire to lower costs and increase access to artisanal meats. “It seems to me the industry is more concerned with smoking the perfect ham instead of making the delivery system easier and better, and keeping prices down,” Applestone told Modern Farmer. “The industry failed customers because we couldn’t make a sustainable, healthy product available to them on their hours. When you think about these machines, that’s what they can do.”

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