Modular Cricket Pod Lets You Build Your Own Urban Insect Farm

Modular Cricket Pod Lets You Build Your Own Urban Insect Farm

Cricket pods make farming accessible and protective, free-range and easily harvested

Charlie Stephens
  • 3 may 2016

The non-profit architecture group Terreform ONE has developed a modular Cricket Shelter that doubles as a cricket farm and personal shelter intended for the “impending food crisis.” In New York, it’s also attracting entrepreneurs and chefs who want new local and free-range ingredient options.

cricket_closer_terreform_psfk Urban Insect Farm

The Cricket Structure compliments trends in urban farming and insect consumption, and is currently growing 22,000 crickets in a relatively spacious and clean environment. And rather than churn out insects on an automated plant, the structure makes it easier to raise crickets on rooftops or in your backyard. It does this in style, with air ventilation and wind-quills to magnify the chirping sounds.


Insects are becoming increasingly respected for their sustainable properties and nutritious value, and the shelter can farm and harvest them, while offering up an enclosed place to sleep in case of a disaster.



Images: Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE

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