A NIVEA downloadable app is trying to put an end to excessive body odor

NIVEA MEN collaborated with Happiness/FCB for NOSE, a mobile phone case and app that tells if a man is already suffering from bad body odor.

Nivea, a Germany-based company known for its body care products, is going an extra mile to help its male customers. A study from PLOS ONE concluded that a man’s brain can perceive odors 40 percent less than women. As to help men become more confident and in control of their body odor, the NOSE app will help tell the user if the odor is still OK, if it’s TIME or if it’s URGENT. The phone cover is made from special sensors that evaluate the smell of human sweat using an algorithm. The user has to hover the cellphone case under the armpits to activate the sensors. Once the sensors finish the analysis, the user is given the result and also given the nearest location where he can purchase a Nivea deodorant.

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