Super 8 motel gives away 100 pieces of its dated room art at a pop-up gallery

Just as diner coffee is nostalgic for the cross-country road trips of our youth, so too is the interior of an old-time motel room. Hotel chains have become known for pancakes and tacky wall art, and Super 8 Motels are no exception.

The brand, for better or worse, is giving its identity much-appreciated-for-its-quirkiness a makeover, and celebrated by giving away 100 pieces of its tacky artwork for free at a pop-up gallery in New York. As of recent, 1,000 of its 1,800 Super 8 locations in the U.S. will be outfitted with new headboard and large-scale black and white prints. The new photography is a part of the new room design, aimed at marrying modern aesthetic with budget travel. The goal to infuse the brand with a sense of contemporariness to change people's perception of the legacy company often associated with ‘cheap.' But ironically (or not), the same millennial traveler who the brand is catering to—ones who hit the open road with a polaroid camera—will likely be hanging this ‘dated artwork' in their own bedrooms as decor.

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