Tesco created IFTTT channel where shoppers can pick to have food delivered

There are days when doing grocery shopping can be a chore, but grocery store Tesco is making sure that you shop at your own convenience. Tesco and IFTTT (If This Then That) has partnered up to allow the platform users to pick a trigger and an action when it comes to how they want to do their grocery shopping.

IFTTT is known as a platform that integrates different accounts together like updating one’s social media accounts at the same time. So, Tesco decided to create their own IFTTT channel that offers users two triggers which corresponds to a single action. For example, if it’s hot tomorrow, add ice cream in your shopping basket. If eggs have a lower price tomorrow, add eggs in your basket. There are plenty other recipes to choose from in the channel; recipes are shareable too. But right now, what’s important is that Tesco shoppers can enjoy the benefits of this platform and will offer more convenience in their grocery shopping routines.

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