PSFK Conference 2016: Afternoon Session

PSFK Conference 2016: Afternoon Session

A look at some of the great ideas from the third and final session of our conference

  • 13 may 2016

Live updates from our conference PSFK 2016: Ideas That Transform. The programming for PSFK 2016 is built on the comprehensive research created by the and PSFK Labs teams to identify today’s surfacing trends shaping tomorrow’s creative business. Head over to our Twitter page for live updates.

Thanks for tuning in, it’s been a great day with some really inspiring speakers on our stage. Here are some of the keynote speakers from our final afternoon session. Check out our Future of Advertising Report for more around these themes.

Matt Hackett, Co-Founder & CTO, Beme
@mhkt |

“When 80 percent of the world…has this ability not just to share something that’s already been created but to share their actual perspective, to show you what it is like to be them, when that has 4 billion users, social software has incredible, incredible opportunity.

Katie Manderfield, Content Strategist
Denise Burrell-Stinson, Culture Editor, T Brand Studio, New York Times
@KateManderfield, @TBrandStudio |

Katie: “We’re in the middle of a content and access revolution…the rise of content has given way to a new ecosystem of branded content” split up into “brand publishing, agencies, and media companies/native studios.”

Denise: “Across all of The New York Times’ platforms and portfolios, we’ve shown how great we are at VR. Average engagement time for both branded content and newsroom content in VR is over six minutes.”

Matthias Hollwich, Co-Founder, HWKN & Architizer
@hollwich |

“We have to start a revolution. Not against an establishment. Not against a regime. We have to start a revolution against ourselves. We’re all aging, which is awesome, it’s beautiful to live longer. We’re in total denial; forgive me, but what our society is offering our older members today is absolutely horrible: outdated venues from last century. Think about it: retirement communities—sounds great—but these are entertainment establishments where we put all of the old people to play bingo for 10, 20, 30, 40 years.”

Geena Rocero, Founder, Gender Proud

“This is why I started Gender Proud. I co-founded Gender Proud so I could produce content, tell stories about what it means to be trans. There is something powerful when the transgender community is telling its own stories because [once] people told us, on our behalf, our own stories.”

For more info on the PSFK 2016 conference, check out our events page to learn more about our speakers, workshops, and more. Sign up for a PSFK membership for more great ideas!

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