The Impact Debrief designed to help organizations elevate impact, influence and innovation

Today’s companies are expected to do more than ever to help solve social and environmental problems. However, as corporate social responsibility efforts proliferate into the mainstream, the modern consumer has become increasingly savvy at spotting shallow efforts that amount to little more than feel-good marketing ploys. In addition to consumer skepticism, employers face scrutiny from millennial talent, who prefer to work for companies that exhibit an authentic commitment to noble causes.

The Impact Debrief, launched today by PSFK Labs, identifies emerging corporate social innovation trends in order to highlight digital and organizational practices that will help any company adopt or expand good business practices. Within the report, we spotlight companies that are employing technology in creative ways to tackle social problems, creating products and delivering value around sustainability, and investing in social entrepreneurs to incubate change. In addition to generating impact and disrupting the status quo, these companies’ practices provide them with a competitive edge in capturing consumer loyalty and attracting and retaining talent.  

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