Missing your child's bedtime story? VR storytelling app can be a solution

After using virtual reality to reinvent the way we think about gaming, filmmaking or retail experience, came time to tackle remote parenting. In efforts to demonstrate how VR can connect parents and children, Samsung launched Bedtime VR Stories which transports participants into various magical, virtual lands using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Equipped with a Samsung Gear VR, parents can now read six to seven minutes long stories to their children who wear a special cardboard headset.

Bedtime stories are undoubtedly an important moment in many children’s daily routines and missing it can amplify the feeling of sadness when their parents are away. But, even though the idea for Bedtime VR Stories is really interesting and innovative, one has to ask whether being overwhelmed with visual stimuli is not counter-productive when trying to get your child to sleep.

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