SFMOMA unveiled app that uses location positioning to deliver contextual information

So far, museum apps have focused on giving users behind-the-scenes looks or information catered to their specific questions in real time. With its recent opening, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) will soon unveil an app that uses indoor positioning technology to offer users a tailored experience.

Most importantly, the app allows users to keep looking at the art without having to take out their phones to navigate an audio tour each step of the way. As the website explains, the app offers “15–45 minute Immersive Walks” with hosts like “high-wire walker Philippe Petit, Avery Trufelman from the 99% Invisible podcast, members of the SF Giants organization, and comedians from HBO’s Silicon Valley.” The app picks up on the user’s location within the museum and offers information based on this data.

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