This Bottle Opener Will DM Your Friends Each Time You Use It

This Bottle Opener Will DM Your Friends Each Time You Use It

BOx uses traditional design and a smart chip to change the way the bottle opener works

Eva Recinos
  • 31 may 2016

The team behind Bottle Opener X (BOx for short) wants to add smarter component to the standard bottle opener. First, the team used solid wood and stainless steel to create a new design that departs from the average opener.


To make things even more interesting, the BOx team outfitted the opener with a smart chip. By opening an app, users can create different settings that tell BOx when to send messages to friends. A user can, for example, integrate the app with Facebook Messenger; each time the user opens a bottle, their friends get a message. The app also keeps track of how many bottles the user has opened—and will warn users when they shouldn’t drive.

At the time of writing, the BOx team has raised more than $13,000 through a Kickstarter campaign.



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