This festival shifts how we explore the intersection of music and technology

New contexts, experiments and ideas have brought about new ways to express ourselves sonically. Moogfest, which took place in Durham, N.C. last weekend, represented a unique point of cultural convergence between sonic expression and technology.

Having grown steadily since 2004, the festival currently pairs musical acts, futurist keynotes and a slew of installations which are developed over the course of 6-12 months. Attendees of all ages delve into interactive artworks and participate in new ways of engaging and thinking about sound and music. Embedded in all this is an experiential educational component where some 200 kids from regionals schools come to experience the convergence of technology and music and also learn about concepts underpinning the work of Theramin or Don Buchla. One of the key festival sponsors, RTP (Research Triangle Park) is part of this strategic focus on education.

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