These Earrings Can Monitor How Much You Eat

These Earrings Can Monitor How Much You Eat

Ear-O-Smart upgrades the average earring into a smart jewelry accessory

Eva Recinos
  • 12 may 2016

As much as wearable gadgets continue to gain in popularity, not everyone wants to wear them. From a design perspective, some of these gadgets make it too obvious that the wearer is tracking their calories or monitoring their heart rate. Ear-O-Smart offers an alternative to the average wearable device by looking just like any other pair of earrings in an outfit. The earrings let users track significant information by wearing the earrings like they would a non-technological pair.

As the website explains, Ear-O-Smart uses Bluetooth technology to offer a range of features. Users can “monitor a wide range of fitness data such as heart rate, calories, and activity level.” In this way, the smart earrings mimic the format of wearable health devices that keep track of fitness information throughout the day.

The team also believes that “wearable electronics should be embedded into the products we use in our everyday lives.” Photos of Ear-O-Smart on a user show the woman driving while she wears them and eventually picking up a little boy. This shows the earrings’ flexibility in adapting to many situations and everyday activities—so long as the user doesn’t lose them.


The company recently posted a photo to its Facebook page asking visitors to vote on their preferred colors for universal earrings backs (pewter, gold leaf and antique gold were among the choices). Interested parties can reserve Ear-O-Smart by entering their email address on the company’s website.


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