Qualcomm partners with Ogilvy & Mather in a new take on how products should be publicized

With consumers more in control of when, where and how they digest promotional content than ever before, advertising in the digital age is no longer the linear, predictable process it once was. Marketers have to refine their strategy to reflect a centralized experience across disparate networks and platforms, each with their own guidelines for how things are done. And the content itself is changing too—with new technologies disrupting the traditional model of how materials reach users (think: Coca Cola’s stunt in Israel), content has to adapt to reflect its mode of delivery accordingly. All of this change spells out a massive headache for marketers, whose climate has never been so scattered and radically transformed as in the present. To give us all a better understanding of how to tackle this change, PSFK got in touch with Qualcomm, a world leader in next-generation mobile technologies, who partnered with creative agency Ogilvy & Mather to release an exciting new marketing campaign that blurs the line between Hollywood action film and branded content.

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