In Brief

A new brand of wine takes cues from beer packaging to broaden its appeal

The perception that rosé is a girly drink has been shifting. As gender norms start to crumble it is inevitable that ideas of products previously defined and marketed as feminine and masculine will dissolve as well. The idea of a female whiskey drinkers or a man enjoying rosé shouldn’t raise eyebrows. In an effort to keep the skeptics eyebrows at bay, design shop Safari Sundays has packaged Mangrove Estates new rosé, called The Drop, in four-packs of 8.4 -ounce skinny cans.


Inspired by the surfing term ‘The Drop,’ the brand wanted to infuse the idea of possibility into the product. In an effort to attract the millennial audience, especially men, the brand is relying on familiar beer packaging being the hook to make the purchase decision easier and more comfortable.

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