The AbsorbPlate removes excess grease dripping from your food

Instead of trying to change how food is prepared, BBDO Bangkok partnered with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to focus on how its served. Looking to help curb Thailand’s growing obesity epidemic, AbsorbPlate is a dish capable of catching and holding on to grease, to cut calories from an oily meal.

With 500 perforations designed to lighten things up, the client and agency claim that the plate is able to capture 7mL of oil, which isn’t much at about one and a half teaspoons, but Is still capable of shaving 30 calories off most meals. While the technology is modest in simplicity and effectiveness, it also serves as a fresh take on eating and can potentially breed a new line of products looking to flesh out much of the undesirable blubbers and juices from the foods we consume.

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