This Platform Is A Launching Pad For Groups To Create Social Robots

This Platform Is A Launching Pad For Groups To Create Social Robots

Furhat Robotics uses human-machine research to help develop ideas for new robots

Eva Recinos
  • 13 may 2016

As social robots continue to be developed by different teams, each group hopes to make something that will further close the gap between human and technological interactions.

Furhat Robotics created a platform that resulted from “more than 15 years of cutting-edge research in human-machine interaction and spoken dialog systems,” according to its website.

The Furhat robot mimics human interaction and a “state-of-the-art animation system that is back-projected on a translucent mask.” The robot speaks and makes facial expressions similar to a human. Users can connect to the robot via a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection. It can recognize programs like Microsoft Kinect and SingStar Wireless Microphone. From there, users can also customize the robot with apps and different “face models.”

The team explains more about how Furhat works on its official website:

The animation comes from a small projector located in the neck, and by mapping an animation that exactly fits the mask, it creates the illusion of a moving and living being. It also contains a pair of servos, in the neck and head that allows it to move in a natural way, and do gestures and address people. An on board computer in the box contains all the necessary software to make the robot come alive.

The website also suggests possible uses for Furhat: front desk receptionist, presenter, entertainer, interactive advertiser and more. Interested parties can fill out this form to learn more about the possible uses of Furhat. The company is also open to seeing new face masks created by other groups.


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