A Boston-based startup is bringing homeowners and local artists closer together

“Art needs space; space needs art” is the mantra of Tekuma, a Boston-based startup that wants to bridge the gap between property owners and independent, local artists.

Targeted primarily at AirBnb hosts, boutique hotels and office spaces that always look for ways to make their spaces more visually attractive and unique, Tekuma creates a custom selection of artworks that the owners can choose from. But if you were hoping for free art in exchange for empty walls, lose your hopes. “Property owners are already purchasing art for decoration, so why would they get it for free?,” co-founder Marwan Aboudib told Curbed. Only after buying the work can they display the art along with a description and a QR code, which guests can then scan to make a purchase. As a result, artists do not have to wait until someone buys their work to receive payment and space owners can boast supporting local art scene while increasing their revenue, as decorated spaces tend to attract more bookings.

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