Google is getting into the ride-sharing business with an app that lets commuters carpool

Google-owned maps app Waze launched Waze Carpool, a pilot carpooling service in California's Bay Area that will allow employees of select companies to hitch rides to work together. The program uses Waze’s navigation system to learn drivers’ routes to work and matches users with others looking for a ride in the same direction.

The pilot is currently invite-only and limited to about 25,000 employees of companies including Walmart, Adobe Systems and Google. Unlike Uber or Lyft’s carpooling features, the driver is also headed to work and it’s limited to two rides per day during heavy traffic times in the morning and early evening. Waze drivers won’t be making an income from this service (riders are charged $0.54 a mile, just enough to cover gas) but this new feature will help Waze collect data about commute patterns, which might be helpful to Google’s self-driving car efforts.

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