Fitness trackers are seeing more applications, now even for MMA training

Fitness trackers are everywhere these days, measuring the number of steps you take, heart rate, distance traveled and activity. For general fitness, that can be terrific. Suppose, however, you want to hit something—more to the point, you want to know HOW you hit something. How hard, how fast, how many times. That’s where Hykso Punch Trackers come in. Boxers and mixed martial artists are using them to fine-tune their technique.

Hykso Punch Trackers are small sensors worn on the wrists that connect wirelessly to an app on your smartphone and can measure an incredible amount of data. Accelerometers and gyroscopes in the Punch Trackers can tell how far your fist travelled, how fast. They can quantify the amount of force delivered to the target. They count how many punches you threw, and whether they were jabs, crosses, or power blows. And from the timing of the punches, they can even tell how effective your combinations were. It’s a boon to pro fighters who want to hone their craft, to amateurs who simply want a more efficient workout, and to beginners just learning the ropes.

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