3D Print A Life-Sized Figure Of Your Entire Body

3D Print A Life-Sized Figure Of Your Entire Body

A new startup is trying to help people build a replica of themselves

Leo Lutero
  • 2 june 2016

PSFK has previously reported on one of the oddest Mother’s Day gifts: a 3D version of yourself. It costs $30,000 a pop, a price tag far too extravagant for the average momma’s boy. But, if another startup offers to do it for $3,000, would you reconsider? A New York-based startup Body x Labs cut the cost of having a 3D-printed replica of your body to 1/10 (based on Groupon’s price). Aside from making an odd gift, the startup thinks a 3D-printed, life-sized figure of yourself can stand to be more than just a novelty.

They plan to impact entire industries who rely heavily on the human form by providing accurate mannequins based on actual people.

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Body x Labs has developed their own technology that allows model-building form 3D scans. The final product of their technology are 3D body scans that can move and pose, with real-time deformation and realistic movement.

One obvious example where this technology could help is in fashion. Designers who use CAD to make clothes can now use a digital, moving, walking and swaying model. Without even having to cut a piece of fabric, they can use Body x Labs technology to see how a design behaves along with the wearer’s movement.

This scanning can also help companies improve their sizing and as well as obtain extremely accurate 3D-printed mannequins to test for fit. A collaboration between Body x Labs and the US military just shows how important this digital grasp on the human form could be. The US military is using their technology, including a database of 12,000 body scans of male and females, to build battle gear.

The 3D-printed body scans will be built by Voodoo Manufacturing, a supercharged printing hub. Aiming to bridge the prototyping potential of 3D printing with mass production, it has an arsenal of 130 3D printers that all follow the requests of a central platform. Full-scale body figurines will be printed parts that can easily be put together to create the complete figure.

Body x Labs | Voodoo Manufacturing

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