3D-Printed Chopsticks Solve Problem Of Food Slipping

3D-Printed Chopsticks Solve Problem Of Food Slipping

A few simple design changes have updated the design of the eating utensil

Azalea Pena
  • 14 june 2016

No one was born a chopstick expert and even after several tries, mastering the use of chopsticks still feels like galaxies away. QuickStix says not anymore as you’ll be a chopstick master in no time with their hexagonal design.

QuickStix_Taro Potato.gif

The chopsticks are designed to deeply consider how a user would use it. The sticks are reusable and hold a concave hexagonal design that allows any user to grab food with ease. They are completely safe as it is made from PPS, an advanced engineering plastic. Also, they are chemical-resistant, dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Moreover, QuickStix aren’t only for beginners, even chopstick experts can benefit from their insane grip.



+3d printed
+concave hexagonal design

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