The boxy, hard-to-handle air conditioning units have received an elegant design update

The Noria is more than just an air conditioning that syncs to your phone (though it does that too). Sleek, lightweight and cleverly installs into existing windows, the Noria is perfect for smalls rooms. Designed to fit horizontally, the AC unit only takes away the portion of the view when in use.

The frame is installed first and easily adapts to the width using extendable arms. At barely six inches tall, it fits slide-down windows the best. The Noria installs by fitting snugly into a slot. With no need for screws or bolts, the installation is a one-person job. Noria has raised $3 million from both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. A single Noria unit costs $299 plus shipping on preorder and it plans to retail for $400 once it hits the market.

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