In Brief

An artist created an optical illusion that seemingly erased this famous pyramid

French artist JR was invited to curate and create an art series at the Louvre. As part of his usual trademark, he stuck on large-size pictures to the outdoors of the building. The pyramid slowly transformed into a black-and-white filter of the buildings behind it. The end result was that the pyramid seemingly had disappeared.

This piece is part of JR’s Unframed series, which focuses on using existing images in public spaces to tell a story. The purpose of JR’s project on the Louvre was to exhibit an artist’s processes in creating collaborative art. This artist creates ‘Pervasive Art’ that involves plastering artwork on buildings around the world to raise questions and share stories. One example is a project he completed on Ellis Island, where he wanted to show all components of the immigrant narrative and how these stories shape American identity today. The artist chooses to remain anonymous to allow viewers to reflect on questions that arise from his artwork.

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