Recycled Car Batteries Could Soon Power Your Whole Home

Recycled Car Batteries Could Soon Power Your Whole Home

BMW is creating a comprehensive plug-and-play energy system

Yi Chen
  • 23 june 2016

Car manufacturer BMW recently announced its latest energy storage system solution that is a first of its kind to repurpose high-voltage batteries. The plug-and-play storage application can be easily installed at home and is an alternative resource for providing backup power to residential and small commercial spaces.

bmw-home-powered-storage-unit-psfk.jpg Recycled Car Batteries
The initial phase of the program will use BMW i3 high-voltage batteries but with plans to incorporate 2nd Life Batteries as they become available in the market. The Munich-based automaker explains how used batteries from i3s might not be fit for the road but still have enough power to be used in a home.

The system will be available in a 22 kWh or 33 kWh version, which according to BMW, would supply enough energy to power a typical U.S. household for 24 hours. The storage unit isn’t intrusive and is “ideally sized” to be conveniently wall-mounted in the garage or basement.


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