A startup is creating intelligent and responsive human-like AI to serve an ever-expanding range of roles

Chatbots have been gaining exposure ever since Zuckerberg announced his grand plan to integrate them into Facebook’s Messenger platform. Employing these ‘chat robots’ will make for a more dynamic system, one in which users will be able to speak directly with businesses the same way they do with their friends. The implementation is an attempt to secure Messenger’s standing as a central hub for all digital interactions, and by onboarding brands onto its platform, its slated to become one of the largest B2C channels out there. At the same time, participating companies get access to a user base of some 900 million users as of April. But chatbots don’t merely exist within the realm of Facebook, and one company is betting on their implementation outside of Messenger. As a bot-maker, Kore creates intelligent, human-like AI for major partners like Salesforce, The New York Times, eBay, Dropbox, CNN, LinkedIn, ESPN, Business Insider, TED, and many more.

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