Casper: Perfecting The Experience Of Pursuing Sleep [PSFK 2016]

Casper: Perfecting The Experience Of Pursuing Sleep [PSFK 2016]
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Neil Parikh shares how a mattress brand is transforming the conversation around rest

  • 8 june 2016

In a world that is already inundated by mattress options, Casper is differentiating itself by engaging in progressive research and repackaging the idea of sleep. At the annual PSFK conference in New York, Neil Parikh, Co-Founder & COO of Casper shares how he is building a brand around sleep in an interview with PSFK’s President of Research and Strategy, Scott Lachut. During the interview, Parikh shares how he approaches daily business by creating an “end-to-end experience so it’s a brand you want to interact with.”

Casper is not just another mattress company, but rather, it is a sleep and technology company dedicated to creating a great experience for customers. This is possible by thoroughly researching the products themselves to creating simple, manageable packaging. Parikh also aims to get customers to reprioritize sleep. “Sleep is the last great remaining resource,” he emphasizes.

Casper focuses on cultivating two experiences:

1 – Digital Experience: Building a great web experience, content capabilities and service design is important to telling a brand story.

2 – Physical Experience: Constantly designing and revising products are essential to build trust and consistent consumers.

Throughout this onstage interview, Parikh emphasizes the need to stay away from traditional models and cultivate a company that seeks to deliver a great experience for all. Parikh says, “to be a game-changing company, you have to deliver a ten times better experience.”



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