The add-ons list over 75 fictional holidays for anyone to honor

If traditional holidays aren’t enough, Atlas Obscura, encyclopedia of the strange and curious, has compiled a calendar that features additional holidays based on pop culture. For instance, you can celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday on July 31st, or throw a Judgement Day party on August 29th (Judgement Day in Terminator 2). The calendar add-ons feature more than 75 fictional holidays. Clicking on a holiday will allow you to learn more about it, as well as some ideas on how to celebrate. For instance, Lost fans can celebrate the anniversary of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 by “[making] a bunch of Dharma beers by relabeling a standard brand, and then [toasting] to all of the mysteries Lost could never solve.” You can add the pop culture calendar directly to Google Calendar, or get the .ics file for iCal and other applications.

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