Wireless charger will let you charge multiple devices just by placing them on this surface

Energysquare is a French startup that wants to change the way you charge your electronics: no messy cables, just a thin surface that conducts energy.

Energysquare is composed of conductive squares nestled in an insulating material. To charge a device, you add a thin metal sticker to its back (it plugs in to the USB port). The conductive dots on the sticker activates the battery in the charger. The pad will charge all devices at full capacity, and is currently compatible with any smartphones or tablets with micro USB connectors, lightning connectors, and USB type-C connectors. In the future, the company hopes to create even less obtrusive charging devices, include ones directly built into furniture (one day, you might be able to set your phone down on the table to charge). The sleek charging pads are available now on Kickstarter.

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