Charge Your Smartphone With A KFC Meal Box

Charge Your Smartphone With A KFC Meal Box

The fast food chain is rolling out a new campaign that features power for your devices along with your meal

Laura Yan
  • 27 june 2016

Fast food chain KFC is launching the Watt A Box: a meal box that doesn’t just come with food, but a way to charge your phone while you eat.

The Watt A Box is only available in select stores in Delhi and Mumbai, and can be won through a week-long contest on KFC’s Facebook page. The box contains five popular dishes from KFC’s regular menu, as well as a detachable 6,100mAh Lithium-ion battery, and a charging cable for both Android phones and iPhones. “The phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare!” KFC writes.

The Watt A Box is meant to “introduce an element of utility” to a fast food meal, and save you from the impending doom of a battery-less phone.

KFC Watt A Box

+Watt A Box

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