Can A Circular ‘Anti-Smartphone’ Change The Way We Interact With Our Devices?

Can A Circular ‘Anti-Smartphone’ Change The Way We Interact With Our Devices?

Runcible is a round, small mobile device that was designed to be less intrusive in our daily lives

Eva Recinos
  • 21 june 2016

From a distance, Runcible looks almost like a compact mirror or pocket watch. Its sleek exterior and small size do not hint at its actual purpose, and that’s maybe the point. Created by Monohm, the small mobile device has the basic features of a smartphone—Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.—but its design is intended to create a much different experience.

As explained on its official website, Runcible “will never beep, alert, or otherwise interrupt you.” The team hopes that this design will allow users to keep their attention on “the real world” and “real people” instead of a digital device.

anti-smartphone runcible

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.31.48 AM.png

Interested parties can back the team on Indiegogo and pre-order the device starting at $399.


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