SpaceX is soliciting teams and ideas to help design the Hyperloop

Elon Musk, billionaire and co-founder of Tesla Motors, is taking a tangible step to make Hyperloop—the tube that will connect cities in all new ways—a reality.  The vision for Hyperloop are levitating pods filled with passengers that travel at 700-800 miles per hour. SpaceX announced a competition for teams to build the best Hyperloop transportation pod; this is the first time any event like this will occur.

Prospective teams submitted their designs earlier this year. 29 teams were chosen to advance to the final competition. SpaceX is currently building a one-mile test track for these pods to be tested on. SpaceX hopes this competition will showcase amazing ideas and all the accumulated knowledge will be open-sourced. As a result, more people will be able to build upon these initial designs to implement advanced design and engineering plans. The overall idea of a Hyperloop is to create a means of transportation that is faster than a train or a car, but more comfortable than taking a plane. Ideally, the Hyperloop will also be more convenient and not disrupt the environment at all.

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