Monitor and pair smart items in your home through a simple drawing interface

Though the Internet of Things is meant to put incongruent devices in conversation with one another, the way it exists right now is anything but harmonious. Though the smartphone is our go-to method for controlling the smarthouse in its entirety, turning on the lights versus unlocking the door means navigating between the apps responsible for their respective element. As such, the interface is still chaotic, cluttered and counterintuitive.

So how do we universalize the interface for a more seamless experience? In the mind of interaction designer Marc Exposito, we draw it. As part of a bachelor’s thesis in La Salle Campus Barcelona’s Seamless Interaction Group, Marc created DrawIt, a new interface which eases the ‘mental load’ associated with tapping into the IoT ecosystem. After all, a truly intuitive UI is one that doesn’t need to be learned, and who hasn’t doodled before?

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