The team behind O6 created a gadget that clips to a steering wheel and allows users to control functions without needing to look

There’s no denying it: mobile phone users often become totally enveloped in what they are doing in their devices that they can lose track of their environment. Although voice commands and other similar features make it easier to control mobile devices without needing to constantly check a screen, one team wants to take these capabilities even further. O6 is a device that can clip onto a steering wheel, bag strap or other surface and control the functions of a smartphone.

Created with a circular design, the device allows users to control functions by clicking on its center or turning its dial. For example, a driver can keep her eyes on the road while turning the dial to check an email or navigate. A voice reads out the available options (i.e., one turn checks an email inbox, another turn opens an email message) and the user clicks the center of O9 when she hears what she needs.

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