Crayola Turns Drawings Into Huggable Dolls

Crayola Turns Drawings Into Huggable Dolls

The brand is bringing doodles to life in an aim to encourage imagination and creativity

Azalea Pena
  • 7 june 2016

A child’s imagination can really go places and Crayola wants to tap into that imagination and reward kids who constantly push the envelopes of their creativity. Presenting Crayola Imaginables, a customization service that allows children to created stuffed animals based on their artworks.

The mission of Crayola Imaginables is to keep motivating and encouraging a child’s creativity and imagination. Having their artwork come to life will make them feel like they’re a mini Picasso;—that their scribbles and doodles are actually worth something and this will give them great fulfillment and joy.

Imaginables are a great way to keep a remembrance of a child’s work and a good way to treasure their artworks that indeed come from the heart.

So how can one get their own custom stuffed animal? It’s really easy. Just follow this three-step process: 1) Take a photo of the artwork 2) Upload the photo and email/text it to Crayola 3) Wait for the plushie to arrive at your doorstep.

Crayola Imaginables__Green Dog_PSFK.jpg

Customers can give notes to Crayola such as preferred colors, features and also the mood of the animals. This will help Crayola create the perfect plush toy for each child. Moreover, if the child wants an extra large plushie, that can also be done for an added fee.

Crayola Imaginables__Turn Drawing Into Stuffed Toys_PSFK.jpg

Do note that all Imaginables plushies are hand-made by Crayola’s seamstresses and designers. These plushies were drawn with love and are made with love too. Right now, the turnaround time for a plushie is four weeks, but we’re sure it’s worth the wait.

Crayola Imaginables

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