Defining Futures: Insights & Ideation Workshops By PSFK Labs

Defining Futures: Insights & Ideation Workshops By PSFK Labs
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Let PSFK Labs design a detailed workshop session tailored around your needs, pulling upon research, ideation and expert speakers to explore new areas of innovation

  • 2 june 2016

Let PSFK kickstart innovation within your organization through one of our bespoke workshop sessions. From our experience working with clients in retail, CPG, health, technology and beyond, we have developed a program format that both informs and inspires executives, taking them from insights to future-forward ideation in a single day.

Changemakers at all levels of a business need the right frameworks and practices in place to identify emerging opportunities in the marketplace and build consensus around the strategies required to take advantage of them. We’re here to drive that process forward.


Session Topics include:

Shopper Experience Lifecycle

Outlining the 10 pillars of retail engagement from transaction and service to community and loyalty that drive meaningful consumer relationships

Cultivating Next Generation Leaders

Exploring the ways that can companies create a winning internal culture that attracts the best talent and helps empower employees to achieve greatness

New Rules Of Consumer Engagement

Examining the role that marketing now plays in consumer lifestyles and how brands can earn the attention and engagement of their target audiences across platforms

Building A Smarter Supply Chain

Looking at how technology and innovations within the packaging and shipping space are helping companies streamline their operations and create a better end-to-end customer experience

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Creating For Today’s Connected Consumer

Investigating the realities of today’s tech-enabled, always-on, on-demand lifestyles to understand what that means for both consumers and brands

Content Along The Purchase Path

Looking at the way that content can be used to drive consumers to take action at key stages of the purchase path

Product Vs. Experience

Defining the ways that brands can deliver greater value around their offerings in a marketplace where consumers increasingly favor experiences over the ownership of things

Multi-Channel Booking Experience

Exploring innovation at key stages of the discovery, planning and booking stages of the travel experience

Workshop sessions are tailored to your needs and built off of the robust trends research found in PSFK Labs‘ industry leading reports – or through subject-specific research. A panel of expert speakers can also be curated to lend greater impact. We can design a program around one of the topics above in as little as three weeks.

To learn more about how we can help, contact Scott Lachut, President of PSFK Labs at

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