Japanese design firm nendo has worked on a dreamlike design for Siam Piwat

Architectural design pays a huge role in a recent project by nendo. Siam Discovery, created for Siam Piwat, is a five-floor department store in Thailand. Besides focusing on practical needs—such as improving the overall flow of foot traffic—the space also takes the shopping experience to another level.

The space takes on a futuristic edge, presenting visitors with unique displays that often incorporate technology. nendo explains on its website that “rather than categorizing merchandise by brand the experience is organized around the theme of ‘Lifestyle Laboratory.'” This includes 13 different set-ups that use objects like “beakers, flasks, and test-tubes, and diagrams of molecular structures, nucleotide DNA sequences, microscopes and amoeba, smoke and bubbles.” The team also created a “Discover Man” to serve as a symbol for the space, a figure that 30 artists will interpret in their own style. The entire space feels like something out of a science fiction novel.

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