Build A Bamboo Bike In Under 5 Hours

Build A Bamboo Bike In Under 5 Hours

This toolkit helps you build a sustainable bike frame in record time

Leo Lutero
  • 9 june 2016

The BIY 2 Bike Kit is all you need to start building bikes from home. With a highly adjustable building jig and a beginner-friendly DIY approach, a bamboo bike is now easier than ever to make at home. To illustrate the point, their video shows off how one can complete a bike in under five hours (the record is two hours).

The build jig is modular and is easy to adjust so you can build more than a regular bike. Modify the sliding knobs so you can build bikes for adults with city-friendly to off-road frames. This flexibility also allows you to use the same jig to make bikes for children. Special builds such as three-wheeled carts are also possible using the BIY 2 Bike Kit jig. Building instructions for numerous bike types are all conveniently within reach through their own app.

BIY 2 Builder Jig types of bikes you could build.gif

The BIY 2 Bike Kit is now available on Kickstarter for $249 for a complete package and it’s $89 just for the Builder Jig to measure and design bikes.

BIY 2 Bike Kit


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