PSFK gains insights on the current and future landscape of social innovation at Northside Festival

At the annual Northside Festival in Brooklyn this past weekend, thought-leaders and participants explored how technology is being leveraged for social change, and the opportunities for technology to move the world forward for all layers of society. It is apparent that technology has already made waves in the ways in which products and services are created, distributed and accessed. Now the conversation has expanded to include social innovation around new technology.

Two key events at the Northside Festival addressed the topic of social good: ‘Tech for Social Change: Digital Innovation for Real Community Needs with The New York Times,’ a roundtable discussion featuring thought-leaders illustrated how supporting and utilizing technology is the best way to address social needs while ‘Tech’s Impact on Social Movements with Global Citizen’ explored how tech is the forerunner in bringing people together to create movements. These movements not only raise awareness of important social issues, but also drive tangible changes.

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