Text or chat this bot to get the best movie recommendations based on your interests

Are you in the mood for a movie? Let a Facebook bot tell you what movie you can watch for the night: And Chill wants to relieve you of the burden of browsing through movie lists and instead, let you chat with a bot that’s a solid movie buff.

And Chill is actually a chat-based movie recommendation engine that is a far cry from the usual like and dislike method of recommending something. This bot runs based on an algorithm that analyzes the user’s comment. For instance, a user will have to say what movie they like and why. And Chill will then analyze the components of the sentence – such as patterns and attributes – to come up with the best movie recommendations. The best part is that once the bot recommends a movie, it also includes a YouTube trailer for that movie so the viewer can immediately watch a preview. If you’re not a Facebook fan, And Chill is also available via text message.

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