Dairy Farm Designed To Float Completely On Water

Dairy Farm Designed To Float Completely On Water

A new project seeks to build a farm on water as a step toward creating self-sufficient cities.

Jiwon Kim
  • 7 june 2016

In the Netherlands, a floating production farm is in the works. The goal is for it to produce daily fresh dairy products and provide a space to conduct research on sustainability measures. The creators believe building a farm on water is an efficient use of space and the best way to provide food to the local area. Although urban farming startups exist, they cannot produce nearly enough food or variety to create a dent in the food supply available. The opening of the Floating Farm is set for January 2017.

Hurricane Sandy is accredited as one of the reasons this project came alive. The disaster left New Yorkers scrambling to buy remaining food left in stores because the damaged transportation routes restricted food from coming in. The farm will house cows that will produce all sorts of fresh dairy products, such as milk. There is a great amount of space and healthier grass provided for these cows compared to traditional standards. As a result, there will be a significant amount of nutrients in the dairy produced.

The farm also seeks to educate people on the process of producing healthy food. There will be guided tours available and visitors can view the whole, transparent process. Research to advance technology involving the food production process, waste and water treatment is also a main component of this farm.

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In the future, the founders believe that this is just one of the many floating farms that will be built in cities. On land, it takes 30-50 times more space to grow the same amount of food that the farms are expected to produce. It is a sustainable way for cities to become more self-sufficient within their borders and besides food, potentially create energy and clean water. Food production is a growing concern as the world population continues to expand. This is just one of the possible solutions that alleviate concerns over feeding future populations to come.

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