Spoil Game Of Thrones For Your Friends For $1

Spoil Game Of Thrones For Your Friends For $1

A new service is giving people the power to anonymously text their friends GoT spoilers as soon as they air

Leo Lutero
  • 20 june 2016

A web service is offering to anonymously ruin Game of Thrones episodes to friends via text messages. The website appears to be inspired by The Faceless Men in its pact to keep identities secret and hold no loyalties except to the paid coin.

The hired thrill-killer charges $0.99. With that, you can ruin the HBO show for your friend for the rest of this season. Right after every episode, your friend will get a text message describing the juiciest twist of the episode. They’ll be mad but they will never know what hit them. To enlist numbers, just sign up on their website, enter your friend’s phone number and enjoy the evil.

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