Margot Bowman's project explores the interactions between humans and technology

The selfie is in its heyday: it’s become the subject of books, essays, articles and casual conversation. We are no strangers to seeing our faces on social media and in our camera phones. But none of those images can capture our interior personalities—and many of them are part of a carefully curated online personality that we share with others. Margot Bowman wanted to explore what would happen if technology actually helped portray personalities instead of hiding them.

As part of MINI’s Next The Future Shapers Project, Bowman created a series of GIFs that use sets of twins as subjects. She interviewed each person (she chose twins to really focus on what makes each person unique) before photographing them and creating visual elements that were collaged onto their image. The final result: GIFs that show the image of the person layered with visual elements that represent their personalities.

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