This Jacket Will Give You A Massage And Correct Your Posture

This Jacket Will Give You A Massage And Correct Your Posture

The garment uses air to apply pressure and remind wearers to straighten up

Laura Yan
  • 22 june 2016

TWare, a Singapore-based wearable technology company, has created a jacket that will give you a back massage (and remind you to correct your posture while it’s at it). The Aira looks like an ordinary hoody jacket, but uses an inflatable frame that will allow air pressure to puff up and create different massage sensations.

The “intelligent comfort jacket” pairs with a smartphone app and allows one to select various options, like a massage using acupuncture points or a wraparound system to straighten your spine, improving posture. It can even give you a hug, all the while leaving the wearer free to go about their daily life, whether they are at rest or at work. According to Tan Jun Yuan, TWare’s product manager, the Aira is designed for the suffering office worker, slouched over while “staring at a screen for hours,” with no opportunity to take a real break without the help of the comfy wearable.

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