The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs uncovers why agility is one of the key factors for competitiveness in a rapidly changing business landscape

For many companies, the inability to quickly scale an idea is one of the key inhibitors for innovation and competitiveness. To keep up, many businesses are taking a closer look at their core processes to develop more seamless and integrated strategies that better utilize resources. As explained by Kurt Bittner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, “[DevOps adoption and the emergence of a DevOps culture] is being driven by competitive pressures and the need to be more responsive to customers. DevOps practices enable organizations to increase their speed of delivery and, ultimately, the rate at which they can innovate.” The key is flexibility, and by adopting a more open approach to innovation, companies will be better positioned to respond to the evolving needs of their business and customers.

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