Jonathan Shriftman, Director of Business Development at Snaps, shares how brands can make useful and popular applications for mobile messaging

Humorous, cute, suggestive, or ambiguous—when words aren’t enough to express emotions, audiences are increasingly turning to mobile emojis and stickers to communicate. The rich messaging conversation is now on shouting terms: according to a 2015 study by Swyft Media, 41.5 billion messages and 6 billion emoticons or stickers are sent around the world every day on messaging apps, and in some markets, these assets are poised to surpass text as the dominant lexicon of mobile communication.  

As audience interest in mobile messaging skyrockets, brands are investigating how to best enter the space. Jonathan Shriftman, Director of Business Development at Snaps, has helped brands such as Dove, Burger King and Kim Kardashian’s personal brand develop keyboards and chatbots that naturally support mobile messaging conversations. At PSFK’s Future of Advertising event in San Francisco, Shriftman will share insights on how to create branded messaging tools that help users share their emotions and experiences while keeping the brand top-of-mind.

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