A movement to end pollution problems and the inefficient food system currently in place

Fleet Farming is a new approach to solving two major sustainability issues. The first problem is the amount of pollution produced by suburban lawns and its uselessness. Second, the large amount of pollution caused by transporting food vast distances. Fleet Farming aims to transform suburban lawns into gardens where food can be produced for the community.

These urban farm plots are beneficial for both the individual owners and the whole community. They increase the availability of local produce, cutting down on the food that needs to be transported into an area. The fleet that takes care of these farm plots roam around in bikes, which eliminates fossil fuel consumption and decreases the use of pesticides and fertilizers. The produce for sale are also transported to local places on bikes. A lawn is no longer a stale presence, but a productive machine that eliminates the need for mowing. This voluntary fleet also manages these farmlettes, so homeowners can choose to contribute as little or much as they want to maintaining these grounds. They also get their share of the produce.

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