Scan a piece of art on your phone camera to discover the title, artist, price and exhibition history

Starting your own art collection can be overwhelming and intimidating at first, but Magnus is here to help. Created by Magnus Resch, an entrepreneur and academic, Magnus the app is a comprehensive database for contemporary art which aims to enlarge the art market by increasing transparency around cost.

Asking for an artwork’s price is far from straightforward. Dealers rarely reveal such information to anyone who they deem not serious enough and auctions can be clouded by bidder’s emotions, making a cold calculation of artwork’s value nearly impossible for anyone who is not already in the know. Magnus provides the new comers with a guideline of how a piece has been valued in the primary market — when it was first sold — and in the secondary market — when it was resold. So far the app gathers prices from over a thousand auction houses and multiple galleries around the world.

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